Traveling Between Italy and Greece Made Easier With Superfast Ferries

The modes of transportation that develop in a country depend on various factors. For instance, Greece is a country that is made up of various big and small islands. It is obvious that to connect the various islands, some kind of transportation via the waterways have to be arranged. And this is how the ferries came into use in the Greek islands. Presently, the ferries are the most commonly used modes of transportation in Greece as they help in connecting the various Greece islands conveniently. Apart from that, the ferries also help in connecting Greece to Italy as well as Turkey. With the ferry services becoming so very popular, it is quite obvious that there are maritime companies that control and regulate the ferries. One of the most popular maritime companies that operate excellent ferry services in Greece and neighboring countries is Superfast Ferries.

Superfast Ferries was established in 1993. Right from its inception, the maritime company has provided the best ferry services between the Greek islands as well as between Greece and Italy. The company operates ferry services in the Adreatic Sea and in the Aegean Sea. Pericles Panagopulos and Alexander Panagopulos are the founder members of the company. Superfast is headquartered in Athens, the capital of Greece. The ferry services connect Igoumenitsa and Patras, Piraeus and Heraklion, Ancona and Bari and other national and international destinations. Ferry services between the Greek ports continue on year-long basis. The maritime company operated ferries in other parts of the world as well, but gradually wrapped up the services and concentrated on Greece and Italy route only.

Superfast Ferries is known for the excellent services and facilities that are provided to the onboard customers. There are properly done cabins and rooms in the ferries where passengers can travel in a relaxed and comfortable manner. It is quite interesting to see that along with nice accommodation facilities, the ferries also have bars and restaurants. It is recommended to try out the authentic Greek delicacies that are served in the restaurants. People not ready to experiment can taste the various international cuisines that are available as well. Normal to exotic drinks are also on offer for guests on the ferries. Apart from bars and restaurants, other entertainment facilities are also made available online for the comfortable and relaxing journey of the guests.

Superfast Ferries has its own website and bookings for the ferries can be done online as well. Look out for discounts and deals that are offered to the guests from time to time. If located properly, you can make great savings for traveling via the ferries operated by the maritime company. Good amounts of discounts are offered for children and senior citizens as well. The rates of the tickets go down considerably if round-trip bookings are made for the journey. Try and make advance bookings particularly during the peak season to avoid rush and hassles.

Best Ways to Get Around in Europe

The term “backpacking through Europe” has long been a fantasy for most beginner travelers. Dreaming of days spent exploring castles and nights elbow to elbow with locals at a pub seem exciting to many. However, the continent of Europe is just that, a continent, and backpackers might need a little help getting from one place to another. As with any travel experience, the best way to enjoy it is to relax and roll with punches. Along the way here are some of the best ways to explore Europe.


The train system throughout most parts of Europe is extensive and very user friendly and is by far the easiest and most efficient way to travel. Europeans use subways and trains to travel around the country or just commute to work. The most popular train lines that run between major cities and towns are usually very reliable and most will run even on a snowy winter day. If you plan on traveling extensively in Europe for a long period of time, it is worth it to purchase a EurRail Pass which provides tickets on most rail lines in 23 countries. If however, you are just looking for a short excursion or plan on just visiting a couple of cities, it may be cheaper to simply purchase an individual ticket to where you plan to go.

If you are planning an extensive trip, there are pre-planned itineraries you can take advantage of that stop at all of the major cities throughout all of Europe or in one particular country. Keep in mind that there are different trains that travel at different speeds and you’ll end up paying more for the fastest ones. So if you are traveling on either a tight budget or a tight time table you need to take into account which train you are traveling on. However, some of the most memorable trips are the ones that are unplanned so head up to the ticket counter, pick a city, and hop on the train. Some overnight trains have sleeper cabins and dining cars while others have typical passenger seats and tables.


Many visitors would never considering clambering into a typical bus when there are more glamour and sometimes scenic ways to get from place to place in Europe. However, there are many remote villages and towns that are located in places where trains simply can’t reach, such as high up in the Alps. Coaches or buses can help travelers get to some of these places and you won’t regret it once you are there. Out of way villages that are less trampled by tourist are often the best places to visit anyway and you won’t care how you got there.

Bus passes can also be cheaper than some rail tickets and they may even drop you off directly at a major site. Picture yourself waking up from your nap and stepping off at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or directly at the door of your hotel or hostel. Buses are typically reliable and give you great flexibility to be spontaneous in your travels or plan every minute, whichever suits your interests.


Europe has thousands of miles of coastlines and countless islands all of which are worth exploring. Most nations have a strong tie to their coasts and the many islands have unique cultures all their own. Using low-budget airlines are limited so the best way to get back and forth is by hopping a ferry. From exploring the fjords of Norway to island hopping in Greece, ferries can be a great way to get off the beaten track. The ferries don’t just go between islands either but they hop along the coastlines of popular nations such as the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and so on and gives passengers a chance to soak in the salty sea air as they make their way from one place to another. The ferries come in all different sizes from small, speedy boats to massive ships similar to cruise liners. It’s important to keep in mind though that some routes might traverse rough waters so if motion sickness is an issue it’s a good idea to either get some medicine ahead of time or consider alternative modes of transportation.


The major cities of Europe are no doubt congested with traffic since the popular tourist areas were all built when most people walked and only a few had horses. They can’t accommodate cars and buses with ease so many Europeans take to Vespas, or other small motorized vehicles to deal with the problem. Parking is also a major issue is most cities so renting a car is often more of a hassle then it is actually worth. Vespas can often be rented and can give drivers a great way to get around cities and explore their unknown neighborhoods or even skirt outside the city for some great sight seeing opportunities. Exploring scenic country sides, vineyards and beaches by Vespa gives you maximum flexibility to stop and go as you please with no one’s timetable to adhere to other than your own.

Hong Kong to Macau Ferry: How to Properly Plan Your Day Trip

Many of the millions of travellers who visit Hong Kong every year spare at least one day to visit neighboring Macau, where some of the world’s best casinos can be found, alongside rich Sino-Portuguese heritage, impressive historic cathedrals and fabulous food… The Hong Kong to Macau ferry is the main means of transport between HK and Macau, so understanding how it works and what are the different options, is the most important factor when planning your Macau day trip.

There are currently three major operators on the line between Hong Kong and Macau, namely TurboJET, New World First Ferry and Cotai Jet. Their ferries depart from two different ports in HK, as well as from Hong Kong Airport’s Sky pier, and arrive at two different ports in Macau, and the journey takes approximately one hour, no matter who you travel with.

The boarding procedures at any of the ferry terminals are ‘hassle free’, so unless there is a public holiday or festival, you will not have to show up more than an hour before departure, and can also buy the ticket at the terminal itself.

  1. TurboJET(or Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management, as they are officially called) departs from Shun Tak Centre in Central, which can be directly accessed from exit-D of Sheung Wan MTR Station. Their Flying Cat and JetFoil ferries leave in 15 minutes intervals, from 7am to midnight, but they also have seven departures during the night, in case you want to get to Macau early in the morning, or return to Hong Kong late at night. In Macau: They arrive at the main Macau Ferry Terminal.
  2. The catamarans of New World First Ferry (or NWFF) depart every 30 minutes, between 7am and 10:30pm, from China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, which is located right next to Harbour City, and a short walk from either Nathan Road (across Kowloon Park) or Star Ferry Pier, on Tsim sha Tsui’s promenade (via Canton Road), and also arrive at the main Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier, in Macau.
  3. Cotai Jet, the third company, operates a fleet of high-speed catamarans, which can carry up to 400 passengers. They depart mainly from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (Shun Tak Centre) in Central, although they also have three daily departures from Tsim sha Tsui’s China Ferry Terminal, and travels mainly to Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal, in Macau, which makes them the preferable choice for those travellers who want to visit the glitzy casinos of Macau’s Cotai Strip. Another advantage Cotai Jet offers to casino visitors is a complimentary shuttle ride from the pier to Sands Macao, or The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel.

Those of you who travel with TurboJET or New World First Ferry to the main Macau Ferry Terminal can simply take a bus from the bus bay on the other side of the taxi stand, as you exit immigration. Many of the routes that depart from here travel to the city’s major sightseeing spots, like The Lisboa, Senado Square and A-ma Temple.

Ferry From Athens to Mykonos: Travel Cheap Between the Two Islands

Ferry is the most common way of traveling between the various islands in Greece. This service exists since a long time, but now they have improved to a great extent. This has been made possible due to the influx of travelers and tourists to the Greek islands from all parts of the globe. People come to these islands to explore the awesome natural beauty that the place offers. And since Greece is made of many islands, traveling from one island to another becomes mandatory. One of the most important islands is Mykonos. A ferry from Athens to Mykonos is best way for traveling between the two ports. It is not only an economical option of traveling, but also allows exploring the sea and the beauty of the place in the right manner.

If you are planning to travel by ferry to Mykonos from the port of Athens, make sure that you choose the right port. There are mainly two important ports in Athens: Rafina and Piraeus. Both these ports have innumerable terminals. Therefore while booking the tickets, check the terminal from where the ferry departs. Otherwise you might have a really tough time in looking for the right terminal. Since the ports are quite large, the terminals are quite at a distance from one another and take time to reach. For this reason it is recommended that passengers reach the port well in advance so that they have the time to reach the right terminal.

Ferries from Athens to Mykonos takes almost 5 hours to reach its destination. Therefore it is obvious that the distance between the ports is not much. Most ferries that operate between these two ports are normal vessels. The ferries to Mykonos from Athens do not have cabin or room systems, where guests can sleep or relax. Most of the ferries have seating arrangements that are quite comfortable. And since the journey is short, sitting is not a problem. However, interestingly some of the ferries have excellent facilities and services onboard so that the journey is made comfortable.

There are many maritime companies that operate services of ferry from Athens to Mykonos. While some of the companies are new, many of them have been operating the services for long time. The competition is so stiff between the maritime companies that each one offers something better to overtake the other. This has benefited the travelers as they get the best of services and facilities onboard. Most of these companies have their individual websites and people can gather all kind of data and information from there. In fact, online booking of tickets is also enabled from the websites. Travelers are recommended to make advance bookings of tickets for the ferries so that there are no hassles at the right moment of traveling.