Find Cheap Airline Tickets to Albania and Enjoy Your Stay There

Getting cheap airline tickets to Albania can become quite a task to accomplish for some people, but with the help of flight booking services, you are sure to find the best deals. Before you book your air tickets, here is a short guide to counter check your flight deals.

Albania is a small country located in the South Eastern part of Europe. Its more famous neighboring countries include Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Italy (although almost 45 mi. away). As of 2008, its resident count was 3,619,778.  Some of the famous tourist spots there include Acropolis in DurrĂ«s and Plaka, and the Byzantine designed churches. There are Albanian tour groups coming in almost every day. There are also visitors coming from nearby cities of Athens and Ohrid, Macedonia.

There is only one small airport in the country at the time of this writing, and that is the Tirana International Airport. This can also be referred to as ‘Mother Theresa’ International Airport or Rinas International Airport. It has airport parking facilities, both long-term and short-term. There is also an hourly bus ride to the center of Tirana from the airport, fare is just around $2. There is only one small passenger terminal but with the renovation on 2007, they had another bigger terminal.

Airline tickets to Albania can range from $375 up to ten thousand dollars depending on your preferred flight class, time of departure, duration of the travel and stopovers, assuming you are alone and coming from Los Angeles International Airport holding a one-way tax-excluded ticket. Economy premium class can range around $2,300, business class is around $4,400, and first class is around ten thousand US dollars.

Travel time can range from 14 hours up to around 30 hours. Layover time can range from 4 hours to 10 hours. There are direct flights but most of the trips would have 2 or more stopovers. Some of the stopovers would include another US state, Munich in Germany, Vienna and Athens. The price range varies within the week. Tuesdays to Friday nights, there are special deals with lower prices but during weekends until Monday the prices are slightly higher.

There are also buses, coach rides and ferries that can take you to Albania coming from the neighbor countries. Some airports near Albania include Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport in Greece, 80 mi. away from Fier, Albania; Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia; and Ohrid Airport in Macedonia. If you opt to travel through these airports, you can find coaches, rental cars, and boats that can be used to enter Albania. Coaches are usually from Istanbul, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Sofia, Bulgaria; Tetovo, Macedonia; and Prishtina, Kosovo. Travel time for coaches can vary from 7 hours to 22 hours. Rental cars can enter from the neighboring countries also, just make sure your license is valid, there may also be some fees upon entering Albania.

Finding airline tickets to Albania that would suit your budget can really test your skills since the place is relatively new to the world’s eye. But with proper patience, that elusive airline ticket would be yours at the right price.